Fighting in a Foreign Land

You are Greek, they are Trojan

that is all you need to know.

They are your enemy simply because

they are not your friend.

You were told why you are here

a Trojan prince kidnapped a Greek General’s wife

Helen is her name, they say–

You wondered, of course

Is beauty enough to go to war?

Is a faceless woman worth fighting for?

but that question, you asked only to yourself

for you are here not to question

You are here to fight!

At the battle field,

you kill without mercy, you wound without regret

to gain victory is your honour, to kill is your pride

and to bring home your enemy’s armour is your prize!

At the battle field, you play with death

kill or be killed without dread or regret

for cowardice will only be rewarded with dishonour and death!

You never once cared for whether

it is a man or not behind that armour –

wait, a man? No, they are not human

They are Trojans!

They are not like you, you believed

you never once thought of the life they lead

or the family they are fighting for

They are your enemy!

All around you they fell

one by one

friends and foes

Trojans and Greeks

a spear pierced through your heart

you felt and you fell

and your helmet fell

a helmet never once befouled

a helmet that never touched the ground

and you saw your life passing

in a blurred motion picture

in your mind’s eye

your home…

your wife…

your son…

Oh, your son

how you wished he would grow up

a great warrior, like you

more glorious that you’ve ever been

he has still so much to learn

there is still so much you wanted to teach him!

A Trojan fell beside you

you wondered if he has a son

you wondered if he has a family

you knew then something you cannot tell

you learned then a knowledge you cannot pass

you realized then something important:

They are like us?!

You close your eyes and felt the darkness

you wondered how long this war will go on

you wondered when they will realise

how similar you all are
and then you wondered no moregiving in to the darkness’ claim
as you fall deeper and deeper to an eternal slumber…


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