Here are some simple rules for my home (Sin of Silence):

1. This is my home.  I don’t control much.  Not even my own life.  But this one is mine. I’m the queen here. I set the rules.

2. No trolls allowed.  When I  see one, I will kill the comment immediately.  And I am willing to do everything within my power to track that troll down if the problem persists.

3.  Rudeness is not tolerated.  Please respect the sanctity of my home.

4. This is a personal / literary blog.  No politics.  No religion.  Much of my life is a mess.  And since this maybe the only thing I control, please don’t make it difficult for me.  This is not a debate house.  This is my home.

5. I respect other people’s opinion.  Please respect mine but please tell me when I’m off my rockers.

6. Please respect my works.  Please do not copy without attribution.  You’ll get nowhere by copying another’s work.  Get your own pen, spill your own ink and get your self a paper, who knows, we might be seeing your masterpiece as the next bestseller.

7. I reserve the right to add, delete or modify these rules anytime.

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