Posted by: silent sinner | January 27, 2009

Requiem for a Love

Do you hear
the sound
of the clock ticking?
Do you feel
the pain
of my heart breaking?
Do you see
the picture
of my tears running?
For never
have I fallen
this way,
what was I thinking?
They warned me
you know.
They say
I ought to go.

These I never asked
not the breaking
not the painful
This pain
I cannot take,
the endless,
You smiled
to me
with teeth
that razed
the hope
I hold.

Sadly or lovingly,
a moment
and a heartbeat,
in my troubles
or in yours,
I could not let go.
I could not
do it.
And here
I lay
bleeding without blood
crying without tears.
And they know
without knowing
and they see
without seeing
that I cry
and I sing
and I bleed
for you –
without tears,
without words,
without blood –
with only pain
and melancholy.

Do you hear
the silent requiem
of my soul?
Do you see
my invisible wounds
that bleed?
Do you feel
the tears that numb
my being?

and me
breaking and breaking,
falling deeply
shattering completely.



  1. it’s a song, am I right? does anyone know whoz that song?

    • Nope, It’s an original poem. Anybody who wants to make that a song, just ask silent sinner. 🙂

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